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Going Down on Me…With a Camera

AKA: How the selfie-stick was invented.

Ladies, let’s talk about the men in our lives. Our husbands, our partners, and the other 23 chromosomes that make up our beloved children. They are the reason for the “mom with a camera” and why so many of us “moms with cameras” have become professionals. On the one hand, we owe them a big thanks because sometimes it takes that void in our lives to push to that next level. Why do we have this void in the first place though? Why are WE always the ones taking pictures of the kids or our husbands with the kids, but they never seem to return the favor? Or when they do, it’s an awful angle and we look so grubby we would rather erase the evidence anyway. Or in my case, he floods my phone with his own ridiculous selfies rather than focusing on snapping one nice shot of me.

Bad portrait-photographer-newborn-seniors-birth-phoenix-arizona-az

Case in Point – do YOU want this as your hubby’s phone background? Mine thinks it’s hilarious!

This hit me pretty hard when I put together my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party. I created a photo collage in chronological order of her life, in the shape of 6-0. When I reached the part of her life where she had her kids, I noticed a complete drop in photos of her WITH us kids and rather just photos of us kids alone or with Dad, while he was still married to her. There were hardly any of her with her kids though, and I fell to tears. I looked back at all of the pictures of my oldest daughter and realized the same thing was happening to me. I didn’t want to reach my 60th birthday and have my daughter tear up because she didn’t have enough pictures with me. Given the invention of the selfie stick, I’m entirely certain some lonely mom like me also arrived at that same realization and thus the selfie stick was born (feel free to fact check me here, because I’m totally pulling this out of my crazy head, but it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?). Plus, it’s at the perfect angle for those of us carrying a little extra baby weight around – it looks down the way you’re supposed to.

Men totally need to step up their game and take our picture though, because do you really want a wall full of selfies at your 60th birthday? The vanity there bothers me ever so slightly. While I’m technically at the tail-end of the millennial generation, I don’t seem to jive so well with the selfie vanity that seems to so infectiously bleed through my generation. Sometimes, a selfie is totally called for, and likely the only means of getting pictures WITH our kids. However, we miss out on talking to complete strangers when we travel and ask them to take our photos. We miss out on capturing those candid moments more organically, which are by far my favorite images to capture.I always seem to have an eye for capturing my husband with the kids, but he has to be coached and instructed to capture something of me that actually looks decent.

Speaking of looking decent, that’s the other aspect of family photos our guys need to work on improving. Why do I always look like I have a double chin when Phil (my husband) takes my picture? Oh, right, because he has to be reminded to “go down” when taking a photo of me! And really of anyone. Hello! Why do we photographers lug those annoying step stools with us everywhere we go? Or if you’re like me, you’re climbing ever tree and fence post you come across to get a better vantage point of your subject!Everyone looks better from the top-down. Guys, get with the program, start looking for those candid moments, and snap from the top down.

To help the guys get better, I’ve put it in terms that seem to be a bit more…memorable, shall we say…for them. So ladies, mommas, friends, have this conversation with your man and tell him to go down on you, with a camera. 😉

amazing photobomb moment while posing with the ladies

Notice my photo-bombing husband posing in the dark depths of the background. One of his main hobbies…

Until next time, my lovely compadres!


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