As a new Mom, I didn’t recognize the value of birth and newborn photos until the time had passed. Sure, I had plenty of phone pictures, but it just didn’t do justice to my beautiful baby girl (or the terrible angle my mom captured of me). Fast forward to my second baby, and I made absolutely sure to capture those priceless moments the right way this time, both birth and newborn. Trust me, it was totally worth it. I want to help you preserve those moments so you, too, can always reminisce over your precious baby and how s/he came into this world. Allow me to create an unparalleled experience right here in our in-home studio and/or in the comfort of your hospital suite. Relax, pop off your shoes, and let me create magic!

So What Services Do We Offer?

Birth Stories

Why do I love Birth Photography? Without fail, every session tells a different story. Your story. Your baby. They are raw and real, and truly capture the essence of an amazing moment in time when a new life enters this world. The moment that changes everything around you and redefines ‘normal’. A moment that deserves to be documented beautifully and artfully. You deserve to have that moment documented when you hold your baby for the first time. The moment.

Fresh 48

A Fresh 48 session is also an in-hospital newborn session, as opposed to in-studio. It is more of a life-style session where the baby is not posed and is done with only natural light and potentially a flash depending on the room situation. These are some of my favorite because of how natural they are. It truly captures the baby's sweet nature and the unapologetic happiness and joy everyone feels during those first few days together.


Newborns are simply precious and they grow out of that phase in the blink of an eye. It still feels like yesterday that my preschooler was that tiny snuggly baby making gas smiles on my shoulder. Yet here she is today telling me stories. Where does the time go? I stop and stare at her newborn photos hanging in my stairway as I go up to bed every night. They never get old.  


Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some love it and glow the entire way through to delivery, whereas others muster through the pain knowing it will be worth it at the end (I was one of those). Wherever you fall on the spectrum, documenting this spectacular growth is essential for your own well-being and for the sake of remembering all you endured to bring a beautiful human being into this world. These complimentary 20 minute sessions are only offered in conjuction with booked birth and newborn sessions.

1st Year

The first year of your baby’s life is one of the most impactful and extraordinary times. Those cell phone pictures have a tendency to blur together and you forget those tiny precious details of each major milestone. Even I became exhausted remembering to take that monthly photo, especially for my second baby. This package can change that for you, and can give you an excuse to dress them up in that adorable outfit!


It's easy to get caught up in adorable squishy snuggly babies. And then they grow up. Seniors are equally important to me, which is why I dedicate an entire day to a photo session with them, unlimited outfit changes, to make sure it is everything they want and everything you, as their parents, want. 


Don't forget the family! Holiday portraits or a new wall and album refresh? Let's pick a location and deck your walls with your beautiful smiling faces! 

Let’s Make a Movie!

Still photos are beautiful and decorate the walls, but videos create magic. I gather a hodge podge of footage and create this beautiful lasting memory of your first moments meeting your baby, or snuggling while we prepare the next pose. Better yet, maybe you have a crazy fun idea you want to try and need someone equally as crazy to help you create it! That's what I'm here for. You can purchase your slide show, have a custom video experience captured, or create something completely unique. If you can dream, my team can create it! 

So Why Invest in Vienna Hayden?

I invest in you.

I operate differently. My sessions are a full white-glove boutique service where my goal is to create a relaxing experience and pamper you throughout the entire process. Think of it as more of a photography spa experience. Instead of just showing up to have your pictures taken and hoping for the best, I walk you through the entire process from the day you book, through product delivery, and provide support beyond that. The inspiration for my model is built around my passion for better all-inclusive care of new mothers, which is why new mothers are my focus.

My background in health care and personal experience with postpartum depression inspired the All-Inclusive Motherhood Care (AIMC) model, where my goal is to integrate behavioral health into our obstetric care and recognize the necessity and importance for better care and attention to new mothers AFTER giving birth as well as prenatally. We as a society get caught up in worrying about ourselves because we don't typically have others to look out for us. It takes a village, and we need to build that village. That's where I come in. I don't just beautifully document this amazing milestone, I make sure you're taken care of. I put together a meal train for every new mother client because you shouldn't have to worry about dinner right after having a baby. I take care of everything baby related when you come to the studio (except breastfeeding). I make sure you get the support you need postpartum on top of decking your walls. 

Vienna Hayden is not just a studio, it represents a movement. Join me. Together, we can change motherhood (and create some amazing photos/videos, too).

Let’s Talk Dirty

No, not that kind of dirty. The nitty-gritty of how it all comes together. Below I've outlined 6 simple steps towards a successful portrait session, whether you want a birth session, newborn, senior, or family session. 


Follow these simple steps to guide you through your newborn photography experience.


Think of a newborn photo session like gourmet chocolate. You enjoy this delightful treat, and in a couple of bites, it is gone. You can always buy more chocolate, but you can’t buy another precious moment with your baby. Trust me, you want to cherish these moments.

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