What the Movie is All About


I sold my eggs to make a movie, and now I need YOUR help to finish it!

A long time ago, in a city not too far, far away, I wrote a script. A script inspired by challenges I faced as a woman.

woman in the male-dominated construction field.

woman who endured marital infidelity and domestic violence.

woman who fought back for what she believed in.

woman who faced scorn and betrayal.

woman who had a dream to create something from nothing, when everyone told her it was impossible.

Today, I am proud to announce a women-led production partnership for a woman-led film. We have women leaders both in front of and behind the camera in this film, and we are 100% local to Phoenix, AZ. We need YOUR help to fully fund this project.

Serial Blondes is a thriller about 2 best friends. One is desperate to be loved. The other is hungry for power. They are brought together on a quest for revenge, but sometimes beautiful things are not what they seem on the surface.

Your contributions will help us fund any necessary re-shooting, which will cover our cast, crew, and set expenses for the production. It will also help complete the massive post production effort, specifically editing, sound, and color correction. We need to raise the money within the next 2-3 months so we can cover our June production costs and then post-production thereafter. We are hoping to release in early 2019, and YOU can help us make that a reality!

I sold my eggs to give other women a chance to have a baby of their own. In return, I get to create and grow this baby. Serial Blondes. Help me to breathe life into her and empower our women leaders of today so we can inspire the future female leaders of tomorrow!

The First and Original 12 Minutes

So what did all of those eggs help us do? Check out the First 12 Minutes of the original footage here! We put this together to peak interest in distributors, investors, but most of all, YOU, the audience.

WARNING: Contains graphic violence and nudity. NSFW.

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